Richard E. Chiozzi, CFP® | Financial Advisor

Equipped with advanced degrees in education and finance, Richard Chiozzi always knew that he would be a teacher of some sort. What he had not envisioned was the context in which he would become an educator.

When Richard discovered the field of financial planning, it felt like a calling. It would allow him to impart knowledge on a highly personalized basis on a topic he particularly enjoyed: personal finance. “To be a good financial advisor you need to be a good educator,” he cautions. “If you don’t put knowledge you have learned into action, you have accomplished little from that education.”

In 1980 Richard was in one of the early graduating classes of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™. Richard jokes that at conferences many of his peers think that “surely, there must have been an error” when they see that his certificate number is only in the triple digits. In fact, Richard was among the first financial planners in the country to advocate for transparency and accountability to consumers.

Over the course of his career, Richard has owned several financial advisory firms, and worked for others as well. When he sold his Chicago firm in 2002, he decided to move back East to spend more time with his family. He advises clients out of his Connecticut office – all of whom work with him on a fee-only basis. “I do enjoy helping people, and my motivations are beyond financial,” he says. “Doing this work is about filling one’s soul; I tell my boys the same thing,” Richard adds.

When he is not at work, Richard is deeply engaged in the community. He serves on numerous boards, including the Guilford Pension Committee. He also volunteers weekly at the emergency room at Yale-New Haven hospital.

Richard and his wife reside in Guilford, Connecticut. They have two college-aged sons.

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