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Welcome Ben Beck and Jim Bode to Boston Retirement Advisors! Ben and Jim have had tremendous success in building Beck Bode Wealth Management – a deliberately different kind of financial firm, based on the provision of personal, fee-only, financial advice – and, we could not have found a better match.

Together, Paul, Ben, and Jim will serve as co-managing partners of the Boston Retirement Advisors, LLC., and your investments will be managed with the same commitment to trust, ethics, and independence that they always have! This merger will bring growth, additional resources, broader expertise, and continued management of your assets for years to come.

In and outside of the office, Jim and Ben are a pleasure to be around. They are each married, fathers of three young children, and are total fitness junkies. After we enlisted a national firm to search for another “Fee-Only” financial firm who met BRA'S core philosophy, the choice was obvious!


What’s in a promise?

All financial firms talk about putting their clients’ interest first, though many fall short on their promise to deliver. The truth is that when advisors’ compensation is tied to products and sales goals, the client’s interest simply cannot come first.

Boston Retirement Advisors, a Registered Investment Adviser, is a Fee-Only practice, which means that we are paid by you and therefore our commitment is to you and to no one else. We commit to act in good faith and candor, to disclose any conflicts of interest, and to represent our clients as fiduciaries – 100% of the time.

Not only is it the standard you should expect from a financial advisor, it’s the fiduciary standard you deserve.

That’s our promise to you.

Choosing a financial advisor

Choosing a financial advisor is an important decision that requires careful research, review and examination. The following tools will assist you as you go through the process of finding the right financial advisor for you.


Retirement planning

Our clients want to know that they will be secure in retirement. We develop customized retirement plans so clients can see numbers that are unique and personal to them, rather than hypothetical figures they hear about in the media.


Asset management

Every portfolio we manage is personalized. We consider a wide range of investments before creating the portfolio we feel is best suited to your individual financial objectives and risk profile.