“I absolutely thrive on helping our clients make money. Contributing to their financial success and pursuing happiness in life is beyond rewarding for me.”

Jim has spent the last decade specializing in retirement planning, helping people manage their sources of retirement income, employer-sponsored retirement plans, assets and estate planning. He is also uniquely qualified as a Certified Special Needs Advisor, and works closely with parents of children with disabilities to help them navigate their unique financial situations and ensure a lifetime of financial security and quality of life for their children and families. Like Ben, Jim spent a number of years at large financial institutions including Merrill Lynch in Boston where they ran the Beck Bode Group. In 2013, they decided to take what they’d learned out in the big world, perfect it, and deliver it in a highly personal, boutique model.

An indisputable “people person”, Jim has a genuine interest and curiosity in his clients and enjoys learning about their life-long dreams and finding ways to help them achieve them. His desire to help people goes beyond work. Jim is deeply committed to a number of charitable organizations; he sits on the Advisory Board of The Salvation Army and provides council to the United Methodist Church, and volunteers at the Kroc Center in Dorchester, helping kids with afterschool programs and fitness.

While Jim gives his all to everything he does, home is his number one priority. His wife and three young kids “keep him real” and he’s thankful for that. A former captain of the Northeastern University football team, his desire to stay fit endures as an avid CrossFitter and squash player. During the warmer New England months, however, he likes to throw some golf and deep-sea fishing in the mix.